<p>This anthology was inspired by its authors and the Soldiers and Marines they lead. Their experiences and reflections appear in this volume, a collection of battle studies that focus on leadership success, and failure, in the great campaigns of the last 150 years. From brigade to army group level, these lessons in battle command speak across the decades to the key questions of success in war. The authors are soldier-scholars of the first rank, some of whom are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan today and will rise to lead our military in tomorrow’s battles and campaigns.<br /> This volume includes detailed chapters on the engagements and battles below:<br /> When Mars Smiled: The Field of Mars-la-Tour<br /> Ghosts of Tannenberg -German I Corps in East Prussia, August 1914<br /> “Lighthorse!” The Australians Take Beersheba<br /> White Death Coming: The Battle of Suomussalmi<br /> “Stout Hearts and a Worthy Cause” - The Battle of Sidi Barrani<br /> The Road to Bizerte: The 9th Division Comes of Age<br /> “Hang On! We Are Coming!” - The Relief of Chipyong-Ni<br /> “We Are Crossing Into Africa” - Adan’s Division Triumphs in Sinai<br /> Setting Sun of Empire -Goose Green: The Stuff of Instant Legend</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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